Join Desmond Credit Union Today

There are many reasons to join Desmond Credit Union – some which you may already know, but some which may surprise you. As a local credit union, we have been looking after the community’s financial needs for over 40 years. We are a not-for-profit financial cooperative whose earnings are paid back to members in the form of higher savings rates and lower loan rates.

We make it as easy as possible for members to apply for a loan, and currently approve over 96% of all loan applications. We get back to members with a loan decision as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. We also offer flexible repayment options, no transaction fees and no early exit penalty charges.

And that’s not all. We provide FREE life savings insurance, and above all, the comfort and reassurance that comes with being part of a community organisation that values your membership and is always watching out for your best interests.

See below for more details.

Low Interest Rates

So whatever you need, be it a new car, new sofa or foreign holiday, we can give you a loan.

Easy Application Process

We make it easy as possible to apply for a loan. You can do it in one of three ways. You can call 069 62700. You can apply online (link to loan application page). You can visit our office for a private consultation with one of our qualified loans officers.

Direct Access to Staff

There are no call centres or head office. We are all based in Newcastle West. And we love dealing direct with members. It’s more personal, it’s professional, and ultimately, it’s more practical.

96% Loan Approval

We approve over 96% of all loan applications we receive which means you stand an excellent chance of being approved for a loan, once you submit an application, and your affairs are in order.

Quick Loan Decision

We know how frustrating it can be to wait for a decision, especially when you don’t know how long it’s going to be. Fortunately, you won’t have that problem with us. When you apply for a loan from Desmond Credit Union, we make sure to give you a quick decision, usually within 24 hours.

Flexible Repayment Options

If there’s one thing we know about lending, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all. Every borrower is different, and so every loan is different. Depending on the amount you want to borrow and your personal circumstances, we can tailor a loan to suit you.

No Transaction Fees

It’s one of the many things that make us special; there are no transaction fees or administration charges, no hidden extras or nasty surprises. Apart from the loan interest, you don’t pay anything else.

No Early Exit Penalty Charges

If your finances improve and you want to repay your loan early, we won’t penalise you for it.

Free Life Savings Insurance

Life savings insurance is the life insurance cover your credit union takes out for all eligible members as an additional incentive to save regularly and maintain savings with the credit union.

How to become a member

To become a member of Desmond Credit Union, simply call into our office and complete a membership application with a member of staff. There is a membership fee of €0.30 and you must lodge at least €10 in shares.

To be eligible to join, you must be living and/or working in one of the following areas: Newcastle West, Ardagh-Carrigkerry, Tournafulla, Feenagh-Kilmeedy, Templeglantine, Monagea, Feoghanagh-Castlemahon, Knockaderry-Clouncagh, Killeedy,  Mountcollins, Broadford and Kilcolman.

For Juvenile members, we will add €5 to your original lodgement when you open an account. For Communion and Confirmation lodgements, we will add €10 to your account.

What you need

For Adults (over 16 years of age)

  • Proof of identification, e.g. passport, driving licence OR birth certificate with current official photographic identification (age card)
  • Proof of address, i.e. current utility bill, bank statement (within the last 3 months)
  • PPS number on official documentation, e.g. Drug Payment Scheme card, medical card, payslip etc.

For Juveniles (under 16 years of age)

  • Birth certificate or passport
  • PPS number on official documentation
  • Proof of parent’s identification, e.g. passport, driving licence
  • Proof of parent’s address, e.g. current utility bill (within the last 3 months)

Note: In compliance with the OECD Common Reporting Standard which came into effect on 1st January 2016, Desmond Credit Union Ltd. is required to seek information on the tax residency of all its members. To this effect, all new members must sign a self-certification relating to their tax residency and provide their tax identification number, if resident outside of the Republic of Ireland. Failure to sign this self-certification will mean that we cannot open account for you.